The Four Seasons


 Yay! so this is my 1st blog post!! kinda exciting... huh? i thought so too! anyway its gonna be really cool and funny (hopefully) and DONT BE SCARED TO COMMENT!!! dont worry i don't bite... just as long as I've had my pills!!! =P

JK!!! if u have a question or comment or wanna say hi then u can always email me maggie and kelsey at!!!

But remember... we need to get this website up and running so tell ur friends, family, cats, dogs, goldfish, tacos, people you hate, imaginary friends, slices of american cheese, slices of non-american cheese, cheetos, websters unabridged dictionary, and anything that exists, doesnt exist, or anything you are still trying to convince people exists, that THEY NEED TO GO TO WWW.SEASONS.WEEBLY.COM!!!

KK ill be bloggin soon!


7/3/2009 03:38:59 am

I love you Carly and the blog is great Henry and Mr.Taco love it!!!

7/3/2009 03:40:39 am

thanks sivan!!! im so glad! yay!

7/17/2009 03:10:40 am

hey carly! hi kelsey! hi maggie! lol im so excited 4 this website! my mom and dad thought it was pretty cool that it was free..... lol i told my hamster Caramel about it and she squeaked! i have no idea wat that means!!!!! ttyl at HUMMMMMMEEEEEE!


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