The Four Seasons

Just updating. Im Carly. glad i got that off my chest. well i just got back from hume lake and me and kj met kevin kress (nathan kress's brother) who works there. hes cool. a few of our friends renamed him so now hes melvin elvin doris. pretty cool. l8r peoples.

OK so im on a brand new used laptop!!! its my moms old one and now its mine!!1 yaaaaayyy!!!! its a mac : a powerbook G4. iz purty coolio... 


So im back from chicago and it was amazing. so clean compared to where i live. so BEAUTIFUL!!! did you know that plane cookies are really goood? well g2g!!


Hey hey! This is KJ, not Carly.

Carly is in Chicago right now!!!!! Have fun Carly!

She is standing next to this fountain right now, the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park.

This is one of the coolest (in my opinion) fountains ever. It changs faces all the time, from a girl, to an old man, to a guy with glasses, and a lot of other faces.

We miss you Carly!



Come on people!!! you can get more peeps to comment!! we are all counting on you!!!



 Yay! so this is my 1st blog post!! kinda exciting... huh? i thought so too! anyway its gonna be really cool and funny (hopefully) and DONT BE SCARED TO COMMENT!!! dont worry i don't bite... just as long as I've had my pills!!! =P

JK!!! if u have a question or comment or wanna say hi then u can always email me maggie and kelsey at!!!

But remember... we need to get this website up and running so tell ur friends, family, cats, dogs, goldfish, tacos, people you hate, imaginary friends, slices of american cheese, slices of non-american cheese, cheetos, websters unabridged dictionary, and anything that exists, doesnt exist, or anything you are still trying to convince people exists, that THEY NEED TO GO TO WWW.SEASONS.WEEBLY.COM!!!

KK ill be bloggin soon!



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