The Four Seasons

New Poll! 07/17/2009

The 4 seasons make up the year, and however many years make up your, whats your favorite season! Is it Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? We want to know! So vote, vote, vote!
-The Four Seasons Team

Fourth of july 07/17/2009

we were gonna post the best fourth story but only one entered so Megan, you automatically WIN!!! congrats!!!
heres the winning story.
For the fourth, Megan was at her G-Ma's house and helped her move in. then they watched the local fireworks show. we think it was really sweet to help youre grandma move in megan!! hope you had fun!!!

PB & J WINNER!!! 07/17/2009

the winner for the pb & j is... JELLY!!! 
jelly won by a whopping..... 1 score! there were THREE in total. THREE????? people we get over 100 veiws a day... and only three comment? oh well... try harder please!!


hey guys this is our first poll! so answer the question... peanut butter... or jelly? gripping, huh? comment to answer this poll closes 7/11/09 or next friday. well anounce the winner here on the 11th or close to it.