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Another Camp 08/08/2009
Hi Everyone!!!
Sorry I haven't been on in forever- I've been away at sleepaway camp- Idyllwild Arts Camp. For two weeks I sewed, designed, and created to my hearts content. In my class, Textile and Fiber Design (more commenly know as Sew What, a better name in my opinion), I made:
Mohair Animals
Denim Bags
Denim Clothing
Glass Bead Braclets
Silk Painted Scarves
Collage Frames
Button Braclets
Bubble Magnets
Loom Knitting
Tank Tops
and Weavings.
As you can see, my class was very busy for the past two weeks.
I met some amazing people at camp, and if any of them are reading this, HI!!!!!!!!!!! I miss all of you guys!
In my dorm, almost all of the girls drew anime. I'm not talking your average wannabe anime, I'm talking about full blown, amazing, original anime. One of my closest friends from camp, Giorgia, drew some of the best. She definetly could have a future in art. If you would like to view some of her art (which I would highly, highly suggest) go to:
She hasn't uploaded all of her artwork from this summer, but I've seen it, and I can't wait for her to put it up. Take a look!

Guess what? I'm going to another camp tomorrow, but this one is a Family Camp for my church, Bel Air Prespetirian. Bel Air Church is where Carly, Maggie, and I all met. Carly's also going to to Family Camp with me, and we both wish Maggie were coming to.

One of the most fabulous things that happens (or at least, it happened last year, I'm not entirely sure it will happen this year) at Family Camp is when the Youth and High School youth groups go to Sky High, a giant place pretty much made out of trampolines. It was soooo much fun last year, and I really hope we do it again next year. Really cool, right? 
Well, unless i blog later tonight, I'll be back next week!



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