The Four Seasons

Camps 07/26/2009

I just got back from an awesome camp called Lake Hume!
It's my church's middle school camp that Carly and I got to go to.
Today I'm leaving for Idylwild where i will be going to camp for two weeks!
I have to go, church!
Have a nice two weeks everyone!!!!!!!!


I went to the American Idol concert last night!!!!!!!!
It was amazing. The night started off with Michael, who placed in 10th. After that it counted down until Adam and Kris.
While the second half was definitely better.
The show ended with the entire top 10 singing Don't Stop Believing by Journey- a great song choice in my opinion.
The show was great and I would recomend it to anyone!

A bit about me 07/13/2009

Here are 5 fun facts about me.

1. When i grow up i would like to be a food critic/journalist

2. My favorite colors are green, purple, and blue- not in any specific order.

3. I love to read, and everyone who knows me knows i'm pretty fast at it.

4. I dance.


5. I have a purple nano chromatic i-pod. i know, random.

Post Title. 07/12/2009

Hi! Kj here.

First of all, i would like to say......

GO CARLY. she single handedly (sorta) put up this website after my computer crashed. so everyone......

give three cheers for carly!

I have to go, but i'll be back soon!:)

Hey!! 07/03/2009

Hey its carly not kelsey!! and i no wat youre thinking. belive me i do! youre  thinking "what is carly doing on kj's blog?" well ill tell you. i just set up this site ( with help making an account earlier in the day from my loving friend KJ) and nobody else has gotten a chance to blog yet. so im giving you a heads up and they should blog soon. ok ill leave cause i dont belong here... =(

check back!!



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